Company and Team
The Company

Cohort Solutions' vision is to reduce the cost of international education. We achieve this by:

  • decreasing the cost of tuition for international students; and
  • providing value-enhancing products for service providers in the international education industry which enable them to streamline manual processes in a cost effective and efficient manner.

From a student perspective, they are individually treated as retail customers of the traditional banks and currency transfer houses and are consequently charged excessively expensive foreign exchange rates and fees. However, collectively the international student cohort represents a market that should receive the benefits of pricing power when dealing with the banks. All it took was a platform to bring them together. That "platform" is Cohortpay.

Having developed this platform to address the needs of international students, it was immediately apparent that our innovative platform also added significant value to service providers in the international education industry. Not only did the platform save their international students money, it could replace the time consuming, resource intensive parts of their manual reconciliation process with an online, automated and streamlined process that gave them complete visibility over their students’ payments at every step of the way.

Having seen first-hand the inefficiencies in the international payments markets, Cohort Solutions is passionate about solving these issues. We will continue to develop innovative products to ensure that we achieve our vision and deliver real value back to international education service providers and their students.

The Founders

Mark Fletcher

Mark commenced his career as a solicitor with Minter Ellison, one of the largest national law firms in Australia. As a solicitor, he worked in the banking and finance area before switching into the banking industry itself. For the last 15 years, Mark has led implementations of foreign exchange trading systems, monitored foreign exchange trading portfolios and managed proprietary foreign exchange trading positions. Mark has worked in a variety of banks, including large domestic banks in Australia as well as large international investment banks.


Paul Jones

Paul is developer and entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in software development. Over his career, he's built numerous products - from mobile applications through to real-time financial and media systems. Paul is passionate about applying technology to simplify processes and discover valuable information that was previous inaccessible.